West Orchards Coventry

Ring Road J9. Smithford Way



Tel: 024 7623 1133

How to get here by bus

West Orchards is one minute from the Burgess and Corporation Street drop off points. And three minute walk from the town’s main busstation, situated at Pool Meadow, From there you can connect with both local services and National Express connections to all over the UK.

How to get here by train

The Centre is a short walk from the train station; turn left out the station and follow signs for City Centre, follow the directional signs for the City Centre, which will bring you to Hertford street, head for Broadgate, where you can enter the Centre via the ramp or escalators from the Upper Precinct or bear left at Primark turn left onto ironmonger row where west orchards will be situated. Alternatively you can catch a taxi, or hop on

·The 8, 8A, 9 & 9A to Corporation Street

·The 11, 11X & 12 to Little Park Street

How to get here by car

Don’t rely on your satnav! Aim for the Ring Road and the Centre is signposted from Junction 9.

Please find here the information about our new route to West Orchards Shopping Centre.

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