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8AM - 6PM
8AM - 6PM

Jungle Boat Ride VR

Jungle Boat Ride VR

Jungle Boat Ride VR

 West Orchards Shopping Centre Level 3, Coventry, CV1 1QX
 From Thu 22nd July 2021 Every Day until Sun 5th September 2021

Full User Experience time: 5 – 10 minutes

Ride Run Time: 3 minutes

Thank goodness you’re here!

Our precious crystals have been stolen and we need your help to return them!

Climb on board our boat with D.A.S.H, hold on tight and keep your eyes peeled for our gemstones!

Prepare yourself, you’ll come face to face and under fire from all manner of jungle creatures and beasts; the fate of the Jungle depends on you – good luck explorers and mind out for those monkeys!

Seating up to 8 people, this virtual reality experience offers a perfect family attraction all year round!

Housed in an explorers jungle boat house on level 3 of the shopping centre, once aboard, you’ll be seamlessly transported into the virtual boat house using our HD VR headsets.

Your intrepid journey will soon begin, along with the incredible range of motions our boat has to offer; two front fans and surround sound for a fully immersive 4D experience. Tilting forwards, backwards and side to side, the boat’s movements have been specially designed to mirror those of the full 360 degree experience, creating a truly spectacular journey for all the family!

With the recent COVID-19 concerns, we have taken extra safety measures to ensure your safety:

We ask all visitors to use the NHS COVID-19 app to check in to our venue.
All VR headsets now come with wipeable inserts, they are easy to sterilise and are suitable for use over face coverings.
RIDE HYGIENE: The ride has been designed so that surfaces such as metal handrail, metal seating and leather headsets that are touched frequently can be fully disinfected in a few seconds, in between rides.

The ride costs £5 per person, with up to 8 riders per ride. (PRE BOOKINGS ONLY)


• All children under 7 must be accompanied by an adult.
• Children 3 years and under cannot wear the VR Headsets, but they will see a video on the screen at the front of the ride. We advise adults responsible for these children to also not wear the VR Headsets.
• All guests must be seated correctly on the ride. Children must be able to sit upright by themselves on the boat, unaided.
• We advise you don’t wear the VR Headsets if you suffer from dizziness, epilepsy, headaches, motion sickness or are pregnant.
• Please be aware you can remove the VR Headset at any point if you feel necessary.
• Guests will be seated in household or support bubble groups, up to a maximum of 8 people.
• VR Headsets will be disinfected after every use.