Our Local Heros

Our Local Heros

In April this year Our Local Heroes paid a visit to the centre to raise money and awareness.

Our Local Heroes help all British veterans from all of the armed services without exception. They provide grants for people who have served in the forces and are now struggling on a daily basis. Brave people are being killed or injured serving their country, but many make it home and have to adjust to life as a civilian.

The aim is simple, we will help them in whatever way they can with whatever they need, to face the future and live as normal a life as possible in comfort without prejudice or hardship.A life befitting a hero who’s sacrificed a part of themselves on behalf of us and our country.

The heart of the charity is about the community, at OLHF we are very keen to encourage businesses, schools and local communities to get involved in the charity in a variety of ways.

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