Animal Blower Template

Use these templates to make the best animal blowers in town.

Super Hero Jet Pack Template

Ready to create your very own super hero jet pack, with Dad? Download and print this template and st...

Marble Maze template

Ready to create your very own marble maze?Download and print this template and stayed tuned ...

Ssssuper cool snake!

Print off this sheet to colour in your very own sssuper cool snake! What colour will yours be?

Colour Colour Colour Chameleon

Print of this colouring sheet to create your own colourful chameleon

Easter Nest Cakes

Cook up a storm with these super tasty treats

Hand Print Flowers

Give something nice to someone you love with these beautiful Hand Print Flowers

Easter Bonnets

Create a beautiful bonnet with a little help from this activity sheet

Friendship Cuffs and Bangles

Want to give your best friend the best present? Why not make them a super hero cuff or beautiful ban...


Want your very own troll to take home? Follow these instructions and you could have one!

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